4 Reasons Professional Chefs Love Copper Pots and Pans

Copper cookware, with its bright and burnished appearance, is fantastic to look at, giving any kitchen a cool and classic tone. What many people don’t know is that its practical benefits are just as compelling – that’s why professional chefs tend to cherish their copper cookware. (more…)

What Makes a Potato Ricer Well Worth Picking Up?

It’s certainly no culinary crime to be unfamiliar with a potato ricer – there just aren’t that many of them about. Potato ricers are a type of press. You place a boiled potato within the implement and then bring down the handle to force it through a sheet of small holes that are approximately the same diameter as a grain of rice, hence the name. (more…)

How to Make Sure You Have Room in Your Car When Grocery Shopping

If you love to go grocery shopping, but always worry about not having enough room in your car, you might be looking for ways that you can change your situation, and ensure that you have plenty of space to get everything you need. For some people, grocery shopping can be almost a hobby, as they buy new and different items to try out all kinds of recipes. If you constantly find yourself running out of room, here are a few things you can do to make life easier the next time you are out shopping. (more…)

Breakfast Waffle Recipe to Jump-Start Your Day

While it may sound like a bit of a cliché, in this particular instance there is definitely some proper truth to it, that being that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It’s about more than just getting in the adequate nutrition to fuel your day’s activities which lie ahead, but also about starting the day off on a good note, so that’s why the ideal breakfast should not take you more than 20 minutes to prepare. (more…)

What encourages your weekly shop?

Most times it’s what I have planned out for my meals, which dictates what I buy. I like to be quite strict to avoid buying anything I don’t necessarily need and to make sure I don’t buy unhealthy snacks etc. However I have been known to see something advertised on TV and treat myself, but in general I try to be good. (more…)

Looking Good At Your Dinner Party

So you’ve done all the preparation work: you’ve selected the proper table cloths, picked up flowers, made hors d’oeuvres, got your bird in the oven, put together a salad, and have dessert waiting on the side. You’ve selected the right liquors for the evening, and even put out soda for those teetotaler guests. But after you’ve finished preparing for your big night, you still need to make sure you look the part.


How to Take a Break from the Kitchen When No One Else Steps Up

Every homemaker needs to take a break from the kitchen sometime. Whether you are a man or a woman, there comes a day when you decide enough is enough. It is time to let someone else do the cooking. Unfortunately, not every time does somebody else step up to the plate, so to speak. When those moments occur, no need to panic or get upset. It’s time for a change of plans. It’s time to go out!


Make Your Mouth Water

As a 21st century adult, it’s important to have a variety of skills.  People of all genders and gender identities alike need to be able to change a tire, to identify the smell of a gas leak, to stop the smoke alarm when it gets set off accidentally, and, perhaps most importantly, to cook.  Whether we’re feeding a family, a significant other, or just ourselves, we are what we eat.  The ability to compose delicious, nutritious meals, will not only keep us full and healthy, but also do a great many favors to our wallets.  Nothing can tighten the monthly pursestrings quite as effectively as eating out regularly.


All you need to know about French Ovens

Is it a Dutch oven, or a French oven? Some say they are basically the same, while others disagree saying the meal actually has a different taste when prepared in one or another. So, let us see what the French oven really is, what it is made of, and for what dishes you should use it.