Valuable Kitchen Investments

When you’re kitting out your kitchen it can be difficult to determine where to scrimp and where to save. Some products seem unnecessarily expensive, but the right pieces will save you time and dramatically improve your best tried and tested dishes. Here’s a little guide on things you really ought to consider when you’re searching for your culinary equipment.

  1. Spice rack

You want to make that recipe you saw online but you don’t happen to have any star anise lying around the house? The corner shop won’t be any help to you. To avoid missing out on great meals, buy a fully-equipped spice rack with all the quirky spices you might need. It doesn’t need to look incredible, your spices are best kept in a dark place to prevent them from losing their flavour. You’ll be far better of purchasing a spice rack with a wider range of spices than buying for the aesthetic appeal.

  1. Non-stick pans

There’s nothing worse than spending hard-earned cash on a great sea bass fillet and getting the skin stuck to a low-quality pan. There’s only so much that oil can do, plan ahead.

  1. Knife block

Having a great range of super sharp knives will save you tons of time prepping your favourite recipes. You don’t want to scrimp here. Go for a knife block with versatile knives and a good length warranty, if you choose a low-budget option you’ll find yourself replacing them within a few years – but a good quality set will go the distance.

  1. Cooking thermometer

This is a real essential. Want to check the chicken is ready without cutting into it and ruining it? Also want to prevent poisoning your entire family? Get a good quality thermometer and you’ll always be able to make a safe and tasty roast dinner.

  1. Food Processor

You might think buying a food processor is pointless unless you want to make untold amounts of smoothies and soups. Hear me out. You can spend an awful lot of time chopping up garlic to make a big batch of chilli con carne, throw all your cloves into the food processor and you’ll get lots of lovely garlic mush in seconds. A food processor can whip up a smooth salad dressing or even a creamy carrot and turnip mash. Re-think what a food processor is capable of.

  1. Electric spiraliser

This one is a bit more of a treat than an essential, but it’ll do a lot to get your presentation on point. You can whip up a courgette spaghetti or just spruce up your salad. Think about all the pretty Instagram posts.

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