The British and Their Delicacies


The Britsh love their food, and the traditional British cuisine is a heart-warming fill of comfort food. It is sumptuous, satisfying and utterly delicious. Today most English plates are filled with different cuisines from around the world like pizzas, pastas and other dishes influenced by Chinese and Indian cultures, such as tikkas, curries and stir fries. Nonetheless, you will find some of the old favourites still on the menu of even your cheap & budget accommodation in Reading, even if they are not eaten as a main course every day, they are a treat to be sampled in abundance.

Fish ‘n’ chips

This dish has been around since the 19th century. It is a crunchy street food, eaten with your fingers, and a creamy dipping sauce is usually served alongside. The local “chippie” or the chip shops serves it in a nice white dish, with a little wooden fork. The fish used is usually plaice, cod or haddock, dipped in a light batter and deep-fried. The chips served are similar to the American French fries, except a little thicker, yet crispy nonetheless. The best way to eat them is to liberally sprinkle it with malt vinegar and sea salt, most Brits like a pickled onion, an egg or some curry sauce to go with it. Each place has a different version of it, and you will definitely have to try it at your hotels near Reading station like Rainbow Lodge hotel, after your long journey. The melting fish and soft potatoes are the perfect after travel snack.

The Sunday Roast

The most popular family meal in the UK is the big lunch roast. Families gather together every other Sunday and enjoy this popular meal made either with lamb,chicken,pork, turkey or beef that is roasted in the oven and served with roasted vegetables like potatoes,cabbage,carrots,Brussels sprouts,onions,peas. They are plated along with tiny wrapped sausages called “pigs in a blanket”, and a rick thick gravy made from rich meat trimmings. The traditional accompaniment is a horseradish sauce and a Yorkshire pudding. However, many families use apple sauce, mint sauce or even redcurrant jelly. Although this dish is enough to serve the entire family, the hotels and restaurants like cheap & budget accommodation in Reading, serve it in smaller portions, incorporating all the elements of the dish.

The Full English breakfast

Although this is rarely eaten every day, it is a classic breakfast option which is more like an indulgence every now and then. Also, known as the “fry up”, it traditionally consists of grilled or fried bacon, tiny sausage, backed small beans in a tomato sauce, fried eggs, grilled whole tomatoes, toasted sandwich bread, fried mushrooms and an optional black pudding. Other options include smoked kippers, kedgeree and soft scrambled eggs. These are usually served as a part of your room service menu in places such as accommodation in Reading near station. Apart from these hearty meals, other dishes to try include The British Banger, The Scottish Haggis and the warm array of tantalising puddings and pies, including the apple crumble, trifle, summer pudding and the bread and butter pudding.

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