Recipe – Panna Cotta With Fruits or Berries

Panna cotta is a dessert recipe which is very healthy as it contains only lesser amount of sugar as well as calories when compared with its typical creamy version. It takes just 5 minutes to prepare the mix for panna cotta. The cooking time is about 20 minutes, but you need give about three hours for it to set properly. The ingredient quantities mentioned for this will be sufficient for serving four people.   



For making the panna cotta

Skimmed milk – 180 milliliters

Low-fat buttermilk – 180 milliliters

Powdered gelatine – one-and-a-quarter teaspoon

Calorie-free sweetener (For example, Truvia) – 15 grams

For the fresh berry medley

Quarter vanilla pods – seeds scraped out and split open

Calorie-free sweetener (For example, Truvia) – 9 grams

Raspberries – 65 grams

Blueberries – 75 grams

Quartered Strawberries – 75 grams

Instead of berries, you can also use seasonal fruits or a fruit that you like best.


Take a small pot and pour the milk into it. Sprinkle gelatin over the milk, whisk and then leave it for about 3 minutes so that the gelatin becomes soft. Whisk once again with the sweetener. Warm up the mixture at medium heat on a stove till the gelatin melts. Take care not to boil the mixture. Take the pot off the stove and whisk it again with butter milk. Now, pour the mixture into four numbers of small ramekins. Place the ramekins in the refrigerator and leave them for about three hours.

Transfer the vanilla seeds and sweetener on to a small bowl and rub them between your fingers till they are properly blended. Now pour the mixture on to the berries and mix together for about a minute so that the berries are coated with the mixture and they start releasing their juices. Use a spoon to transfer equal portions of the berries along with their juice on top of the four panna cotta and serve.

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