Make Every Recipe Taste Like Heaven Using Fresh Ingredients!

I always focus on using fresh ingredients for all my recipes. They help each of my signature dishes taste better. Every bite of food bursts into a kaleidoscope of flavors in your mouth. Everything from apple pies to custard tastes refreshingly better when used with all-natural ingredients.

Many of us find it difficult to find the right ingredients when needed. I struggled with the same issues till I found out about Sicoly. The cooperative brings to you some of the most flavorful fruits directly from their lush orchards in Italy. From apples to mandarins and strawberries to pineapples, they have it all.

I am a fan of Sicoly frozen fruit puree, a delectable blend of the freshest fruits from the Italian farms, de-aerated to maintain color and natural taste. Here is one of my favorite recipes which uses Sicoly fresh peach puree turned into a delish drink that will bring the classy European vibe to any get together at your home.

Things you will need-

Peach puree- 4 tablespoons

Fresh lemon juice- 1 tablespoon

Granulated sugar- 1 tablespoon

A bottle of chilled prosecco wine

How to make-

Take the peach puree in a food processing bowl and add sugar and lemon juice. Pulse twice to ensure that all ingredients mix well until you get a light but smooth paste. Place 2 tablespoons full of the blend into tall Champagne glasses, pour the prosecco and decorate the glass with a fresh but thin peace slice. Alternatively, you can also use pineapple and lemon slices.

You can also make a kid-friendly alternative of the drink. Instead of adding the wine, you can simply pour some fresh peach juice into the glasses. Add a small dash of lemon on top to make the drink even more delicious.

The freshness of the puree adds to the magic of your recipe. You can use the puree to wean kids off milk or use it as a base for a mind-blowing salad with bananas, mangos, figs, honey and sliced almonds.

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