Exciting Ways of Cooking with Eggs

eggsUnless you happen to be allergic to them, eggs should be a staple part of your diet. Even if you don’t like eating them for the sake of eating eggs, the chances are that every day you will eat something that contains egg or one of the parts of an egg. Eggs are an essential ingredient in many recipes, both sweet and savoury. As well as forming part of some delicious foods, they are also extremely good for you.

Cooking with Eggs

Eggs are one of the most versatile foods you will find. As well as the fact that they can be eaten as a food in their own right, they can also be used as a key ingredient in some great recipes. If you prefer to keep it simple, then try your eggs boiled with toast soldiers or scrambled on an English muffin with some smoked salmon if you are feeling indulgent. Another great thing to do with eggs is to make an omelette. This can be made with whole eggs or just the whites if you are trying to be very healthy. Fillings could include ham, mushrooms, cheese and tomato. Alternatively, a frittata is similar to an omelette but also includes potatoes for a more filling option.

Eggs are a key ingredient in many sweet dishes, from simple desserts such as cakes and muffins to more complex ones such as meringues. Desserts such as Pavlova, which uses meringues, and soufflés require the white of the egg to be separated from the yolk, while savoury sauces such as hollandaise and mayonnaise, as well as dessert accompaniments such as ice cream and custard, need you to use the yolk rather than the white.

Although it is now possible to buy eggs from a huge variety of birds, including ducks, geese and quails, the most commonly used eggs in cooking are still the ones from hens. As we become more conscious about how and where our food comes from, it is possible to buy eggs that have come from free-range hens, hens kept in barns and ones that have been reared in an organic way. If you are cooking something that only requires you to use the white of the egg, then rather than buying whole eggs it is now possible to buy liquid egg whites such as those available from http://www.proteinfoodsdirect.com.

Eggs Are Good for You

Eggs contain all of the essential amino acids that are required for a healthy balanced diet and the BBC confirms that they provide a great source of protein. Although egg yolk is traditionally seen as less healthy, it does still contain some vitamins. The egg white, however, contains more vitamins and minerals as well as having less fat and cholesterol. Egg whites as part of exercise and diet disciplines are a very useful foodstuff.

Hopefully, this has inspired you to get in the kitchen and start cooking, whether you are making something as simple as cakes or more complex dishes such as soufflés and meringues. Eggs should be an integral part of any healthy diet and lifestyle.

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