What encourages your weekly shop?

Most times it’s what I have planned out for my meals, which dictates what I buy. I like to be quite strict to avoid buying anything I don’t necessarily need and to make sure I don’t buy unhealthy snacks etc. However I have been known to see something advertised on TV and treat myself, but in general I try to be good.

Interestingly I read an article which showed that only 4% of shoppers are influenced by ‘food porn’ style adverts when it comes to shopping. Instead people are more influenced by quality products at low prices when it comes to their weekly shopping.

  • Cost looking at value for money – 64%
  • Quality – 52%
  • Availability – 39%
  • Selection and choice of products – 35%
  • Customer service – 23%
  • Advertisements – 18%
  • Welfare standards – 12%

People in the UK have been inundated with more food porn style adverts in recent years, since Marks and Spencer’s came out with their advertising campaign which showed food in a seductive light. With this in mind My Voucher Codes who offer a wide range of vouchers for your shopping asked their customers what encourages them to try new things. They found that TV shows which focus on food were most influential, followed by recipe books. Lower down on the list were Social media and websites and blogs.

  • TV shows focusing on food – 56%
  • Recipe books – 53%
  • Restaurants – 50%
  • Social media images or videos – 49%
  • TV chefs – 45%
  • Supermarket recipe cards – 36%
  • Websites or blogs – 21%
  • Recommendations from family or friends – 15%

I have to say a lot of my recipes that I try out at home come from Pinterest recipes I find when looking for inspiration for new things to cook, along with celebrity chefs and of course all of my many recipe books. Where do you get your inspiration from?

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