How to Build a Better Hamper

People love food gifts. We all know that the ultimate food gift is a hamper. I always remember my mum opening Christmas hampers as a child and watching her face as she delved into them to see what treasures they held. Build a hamper for someone and you are giving them moments of joy when they open it up. Here are some tips to help you make that perfect hamper.

What Are You Putting it in?

There are all sorts of hampers. You can be as basic or as special as you like, it doesn’t matter. The person you are giving it to will still love you for it. Before you can even start thinking about what to put in it you will need to decide what you are going to use to contain your goodies. Is it a themed hamper? How big is it going to be? Is it going to contain just one type of food? Think about what you need to fit into the container.   For inspiration, look at places like Maille Cooking Gifts. Understand the size and weight of the contents and you will know how sturdy the container needs to be. Lots of people think of wicker baskets and rattan containers when they think of hampers but it doesn’t have to be. Cardboard boxes wrapped in pretty paper or material works just as well.


Think About the Contents:

You can spend a lot of time building hampers. There are so many variations that you can come up with its awesome! Think about the person that you are making it for. Do they have something that they have a special weakness for? Cater to that and make them feel special. They will remember you fondly for it. Always try and find out if someone has an allergy that you should be aware of before you go putting a hamper together. You can theme hampers and make them interesting. There are so many options, Italian, Mexican, sweet-tooth mixes, fruit hampers, and Christmas hampers. Think about what would make the recipient happy.

Add a Bit of Flair:

You do not need to be amazingly artistic or creative to make a hamper look amazing. You will find that it is the little touches which make all of the difference. Get something like coloured cellophane. It is easy to use and when tied with a ribbon looks amazing. It also means that the person you are giving it to gets teased by all of the goodness inside. If you want it to look really professional you can even use your hair-dryer to shrink wrap it. The tighter you get the wrapping the more firmly the contents will be held inside.

The nice thing about making hampers is that you can experiment. There is no right or wrong way of doing it and all of your efforts are sure to produce a winner.


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