A Brief Look at Adult-Orientated Slushy Drinks

For many kids there is nothing better than a refreshing and cooling icy and sweet slushy on a hot day in the summer.  As adults, we know the feeling all too well and although we are older and maybe feel too grown up for a straight forward slushy, there are other options open to us.  In a similar way to popcorn, ice-cream and even candy floss machine being available to buy for your home, there are now a large variety of slush machines available.  This means that you no longer have to pay extortionate prices at shops or restaurants and cafes to get your kids an icy liquid treat 

It has also open the doors of creativity for adults who are looking for a great way to enjoy the buzz and chill of a slushy drink with the flavour of something a little more grown up than red or blue.  Yes, we are talking about alcoholic slushy drinks!  The chance for you to take your favourite cocktail or alcoholic beverage and transform it into a slushy!

If the thought of a Mojito flavoured slushy has you salivating in front of your computer, then you are probably wondering how you would go about making these alcoholic versions of a childhood classic.  There isn’t really a secret technique or special ingredient required.  All you essentially need is a selection of your favourite drinks to explore and test in slushy form, some slushy syrup or fruity drink and a slushy machine.  Even if you don’t have a slushy machine like those featured on www.myslushmachine.co.uk you can still make slushies using a blender and some ice.

slussyTo make the process even easier companies such as Chilly Drinks have their own selection of adult-orientated syrups available, such as the Summer Cocktail Slush Syrup.  This features 6 different flavours, all of which are summer time cocktail favourites.   The flavours included are Sour Apple, Super Sour Cherry, Jungle Juice, Pina Colada, Blue Lagoon Margarita and Strawberry Daiquiri.

You use specially flavoured syrups in the same way as normal syrups and juices in your slush machine and add a touch of your favourite tipple at the end to make them extra special and give them an extra kick!

Even if you don’t buy one of those of packets you can still easily make alcoholic slushy drinks.  Dilute some of your favourite fresh fruit juice, squash or soda and make a batch of slushy in the machine.  At the end add an alcoholic drink.  We recommend you use vodka as this mixes the easiest with virtually any flavour.

In our opinion the best thing about normal kid-friendly slushy drinks and the more adult-orientated varieties is how much fun it actually is to mix and match different flavours, spirits, wines and even ginger beers.  When we were young, slushies were a lot of fun, and when you start experimenting with different cocktails and alcohol you can have fun again drinking new and exciting variations on a childhood classic.

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