6 pro tips to increase the life of your cookware

Have you ever been in a situation whereby you couldn’t cook as a result of improper care of your cookware?

Can this happen to you?

It can if your kitchen utensils (not only cookware) are not properly cared for. Cookware is an important tool in every kitchen. Therefore it is ideal for you as the user to take perfect care of it else you will shorten their lifespan.

So how can you avoid this kind of situation of having rusty cookware?

The best solution to this is to know the perfect way you can care for your cookware. Don’t know how to go about it? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered by providing you with 6 pro tips on how to care for and increase the life of your cookware.

1. Using the right cookware

Every kitchen has the type of kitchen appliances that is best suitable for it.

For example, an induction cooktop uses magnetic energy as its heating source, which means using magnetized cookware will be the best while cookware made of carbon steel is the best suitable for induction cooktops.

However, in a case where you are not using the right cookware for your kitchen especially your burner, it may have an adverse effect on the cookware, which will, in turn, shorten its lifespan.

Also, placing small cookware on a large burner can melt or wrap the handle of your cookware. Thus, it is essential to always be on the lookout for the cookware that is best suitable for your kitchen gears.

2. Always clean after use

This cannot be overemphasized. No matter how sophisticated or qualitative your cookware is, if it doesn’t have the privilege of proper cleaning, then it is prone to get rusty within a short period. Therefore, cleaning after use is very relevant to the healthy life of every cookware.

Whenever you use your cookware, always make it a priority to do not just an ordinary cleaning but a thorough cleaning. Else, you might risk incurring an unnecessary cost which could have been avoided by doing this simple thing.

3. Proper cleaning of your cookware

Talking about proper cleaning, you should always avoid placing your cookware in a dishwasher. Want to know why? Whenever you are using a dishwasher, there is a tendency of it leaving water spots on your cookware, and this will lead to discolouring and rusting of your cookware.

Therefore, except for cookware made of raw cast iron which you can use ordinary water to do its cleaning, it is advisable to hand wash your cookware by using sudsy water and a stiff scrubby brush.

4. Use the proper stirring tool

Yes, you heard me right. Wondering how a stirring tool can affect the lifespan of your cookware?

Having a wrong stirring tool for your cookware will undoubtedly ruin the protective feature of your cookware. For example, using metal utensils as the stirring tool for Teflon coated or porcelain-coated cast iron cookware will ruin its protective finish.

Hence, using the right stirring tool will also contribute immensely to the increase of your cookware’s lifespan. However, it is always advisable to use silicon or wooden stirring tool because they are mostly perfect for any cookware.

5. Use the right temperature

This is a common mistake among many people since many believe that the higher the temperature is, the faster their food will be ready not minding the kind of effect it will have on their cookware.

The plain truth is, the higher the temperature, the higher the risk of getting burnt food. The process of removing burnt food will inadvertently affect the cookware, which will undoubtedly affect the lifespan of your cookware.

So, you should learn to be patient enough to use the right temperature.

Want to know the right temperature for your cookware? Each temperature to be used varies depending on the kind of cookware you are using. However, always make sure that the temperature doesn’t stretch out to the side of your cookware.

6. Store your cookware properly

This is the last on our list, but that doesn’t make it less important. Proper storage also aids the lifespan of your cookware. Thus, if you are not using any of your cookware presently, don’t just place them as you deem fit, but store them in a place where it won’t be drained with water or oil and ensure they are stored in a cool and dry place.

Doing this will bring the best out of your cookware and also increase its lifespan.


Cookware is a vital tool in every kitchen, therefore, must be treated as such, so they can be at their best and increase their life. You are certainly going to achieve this by following the steps listed above.

What then are you waiting for? It’s time to increase the life of your cookware and as well maintain its shining nature.