4 Tools Every Baker Needs In Their Kitchen

Are you new to baking? Have you only ever made the odd tray bake or two? Don’t worry, we all have to start somewhere. And, believe it or not, one of the best things about baking is that with a bit of practice it is super easy to pick up.

But first things first, before doing anything it is important that your kitchen cupboards are well stocked with useful baking ingredients. As well as all the equipment you will need.

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If you are new to baking, then you may be unsure of what you need in your kitchen to be a successful baker. And, even if you aren’t new to baking, your kitchen may be missing some of the baking essentials.

To help you stock your kitchen with the most important pieces of kit, here is my guide to four kitchen essentials that every baker needs.

1. Measuring scales

Unlike other areas of cooking, bakers like me, need precision for our recipes. Without it, there are plenty of recipes that sadly, just wouldn’t work. That is why measuring scales are so important for us bakers.

In my opinion, every baker needs a set of measuring spoons, as well as an electronic weighing scale for measuring out larger quantities of ingredients.

2. Food mixer

One of the most important items a baker can have is a high-quality food mixer. It may not sound that important, especially if you are used to doing things by hand, but trust me, a good quality mixer is essential. Especially, if you like making meringues and other yummy desserts that require a good deal of whisking.

While a mixer can seem rather expensive, think of it as an investment for your kitchen. A good quality mixer can last up to ten years and so is most definitely worth the money.

Make sure to choose a model that is at least 325 watts of power. Otherwise, it may not be strong enough. It is also important to choose a mixer that has various different speeds and comes with various attachments for different forms of baking.

3. Chocolate melters

If, like me, you are a real chocolate lover and love baking desserts and cakes with melted chocolate in, then a chocolate melter is an absolute essential for your kitchen.

Instead of having to fiddle around with a DIY double boiler and worry about burning and curdling, a chocolate melter is so much easier to use. Plus, it saves time, too.

4. Rolling pin and decorating set

If you plan on decorating your cakes and bakes or are a fan of pastry, then a rolling pin and decorating set are both kitchen essentials.

If you would like to learn how to decorate your cakes, have a look online for Youtube tutorials and ideas of how to do so.

5. Cookbooks

You may not think that cookbooks count as a piece of kitchen equipment, but they are as important as any piece of kit.

Although there are plenty of recipes available online and on cooking apps, I find that cooking books have many fantastic recipes in them. Especially, speciality cookbooks.

Now that you have all the most important pieces of cooking equipment, you are ready to start baking lots of yummy treats.



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