4 Reasons Professional Chefs Love Copper Pots and Pans

Copper cookware, with its bright and burnished appearance, is fantastic to look at, giving any kitchen a cool and classic tone. What many people don’t know is that its practical benefits are just as compelling – that’s why professional chefs tend to cherish their copper cookware.

If you’re looking for more pots and pans, here are just four reasons why you should strongly consider going for copper.

  1. Ideal Heat Distribution

The main benefit of copper cookware is that it distributes heat very evenly – gone are the days of having to worry about cool spots. This is one of the central reasons why professionals enjoy using copper. Unlike other metals, you can depend on copper to cook food evenly throughout, which improves the flavour and minimises any danger of under or overcooking.

  1. Precision Heating

It isn’t just the distribution of heat that makes copper pots and pans so advantageous. You’ll also find that you can achieve very precise heat. If you change the temperature of your stove top, the temperature of the pot or pan itself will change almost immediately since the material is so conductive. For delicate sauces or braising and browning, you’ll find it hard to beat the strictly controlled temperatures possible with copper cookware.

  1. Lightweight

One thing you’ll probably already know about copper is that it’s a very light metal. Not so great for industrial use or construction, but ideal for cookware. It’s heavy enough to sit securely on the hob, but it’s not too heavy to lift using one hand, and that’s a real benefit when you’re working in the kitchen all day.

  1. Eco-Friendly

Copper can be recycled quite easily, but that’s not the main reason why copper cookware is considered so eco-friendly. As mentioned above, copper pots and pans conduct heat very easily. As such, you don’t need as much heat to do your cooking, and that means you won’t consume as much energy. In a commercial kitchen, the energy savings can be substantial.

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