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Vital Things Needed to Create Your Own Home Cocktail Bar

What’s better than a home bar? A home cocktail bar! Of course, there are a few specialty items you’ll need to buy if you want to produce the finest drinks and have a bar that feels complete. Here are the essentials.

4 Reasons Professional Chefs Love Copper Pots and Pans

Copper cookware, with its bright and burnished appearance, is fantastic to look at, giving any kitchen a cool and classic tone. What many people don’t know is that its practical benefits are just as compelling – that’s why professional chefs tend to cherish their copper cookware.

What Makes a Potato Ricer Well Worth Picking Up?

It’s certainly no culinary crime to be unfamiliar with a potato ricer – there just aren’t that many of them about. Potato ricers are a type of press. You place a boiled potato within the implement and then bring down the handle to force it through a sheet of small holes that are approximately the… Read more »

How to Make Sure You Have Room in Your Car When Grocery Shopping

If you love to go grocery shopping, but always worry about not having enough room in your car, you might be looking for ways that you can change your situation, and ensure that you have plenty of space to get everything you need. For some people, grocery shopping can be almost a hobby, as they… Read more »

Breakfast Waffle Recipe to Jump-Start Your Day

While it may sound like a bit of a cliché, in this particular instance there is definitely some proper truth to it, that being that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It’s about more than just getting in the adequate nutrition to fuel your day’s activities which lie ahead, but also about… Read more »

London for Foodies

Do you eat to live or live to eat? The right answer can perfectly assess whether you are a diehard foodie or not. If you like to explore the cuisine of various places around the world, London is surely a must visit for you. With a wide range of luxury restaurants, bistros, pubs, bars and… Read more »

A Brief Look at Adult-Orientated Slushy Drinks

For many kids there is nothing better than a refreshing and cooling icy and sweet slushy on a hot day in the summer.  As adults, we know the feeling all too well and although we are older and maybe feel too grown up for a straight forward slushy, there are other options open to us. … Read more »

Best Cheesy Appetizers and Snacks for the Big Game

With football season underway, Sunday afternoons have never been better. Great food and cold beer are a must at any football party—whether that’s at home or tailgating at the stadium. While chips and dip are always a game day staple, adding in a few new cheesy and meaty dishes will definitely kick it up a… Read more »

International restaurant culture

Nothing gets a food lover’s mouth watering quicker than the prospect of an international restaurant tour. Let’s take a virtual trip around some places where food is served up in different ways. Every corner of the world has its own take on how food should taste, be prepared and served and whether it’s the formal… Read more »